Zafra Crescent: apologize. Other offers have fallen

< Al Dhafra club announced via the official account in «Twitter» apology football team manager approval to buy Crescent view remaining Syrian striker’s contract Omar destroyed, indicating that other clubs made offers for holding the player that’s almost a metaphor.
The fallen strikingly brilliance and an observer with the Crescent and succeeded in registering 14 goals, including eight goals in the last three games only, what made audiences constantly demanded semicircular destroyed at all cost, but the attempts of rival clubs and road has cut the Gulf the blue team. In the same context, Club officials are intensifying their Emirati for Brazilian Carlos Eduardo Crescent player services in the summer transfer period.
Eye wants to buy the remainder of holding Eduardo with AVS-season one-in Exchange for $12 million. Hilal management refused to waive the Brazilian Player services less than $17 million, especially after a special performance by Eduardo with the team since joining the ranks, particularly in the last version myself beautiful.