Young Oriental women certainly work on the practices of the Government of Catalonia


Young businessman delegation briefed Tuesday East room, who is currently visiting the Kingdom of Spain, on paths and mechanisms for more Spanish Association interested in women’s investment business, he also met with officials of the Spanish Institute for exports and the Spanish Ministry of Commerce officials.

A delegation of young businessman East room consists of (14) an entrepreneur, chaired by Helen Spears, young Business Council President, began last Saturday April 22, visit to the Kingdom of Spain, with the objective of identifying the most important economic facilities and the Spanish bodies, adding to meet with their counterparts of businesswomen there.

According to the delegation will visit program after having met with a number of Spanish lawyers to identify the tax systems and the legal system in the Kingdom of Spain, head to visit the Government of Catalonia to learn their practices in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, and also visit the Association of women entrepreneurs in the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

And targeting young Council Chamber works of such visits identify investment laws and regulations as well as the mechanisms in place in countries around the world to promote women’s economic work.

The Board visited during previous years more of the same objective of State, as the State Kuwait and Bahrain, known through their experiences in the development of investment awareness of women and means of support for effective participation in the national economy.