Young businessman offering to Saudi experience in supporting East entrepreneurship


The delegation met with the young businessman East room during his visit to the Kingdom of Spain, with the Catalan Chamber of Commerce members and members to see the Catalan Government efforts and programmes directed towards supporting women in business, and also in stimulating the growth of promising sectors, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

For its part, the Council President praised young, Helen Spears, during a press conference yesterday and objectives of the Council before the Spanish side, the Catalan Government’s steps to promote promising business sectors, noting the Catalonian experience in the industrial system, which provide information for industrial production of technological solutions and services.

As Vice President of the Council invited young businessman East Room Maram Al Jishi, the Spanish side to share their experience in supporting entrepreneurship and stimulate the growth of small and medium enterprises through the establishment of business incubators and accelerators of complexes and support innovation and technology, Jishi, said: “this visit is the first official visit of a delegation of young Eastern Kingdom level business within the efforts and initiatives of the Council and the East room for the pursuit of the goals of Vision 2030, the Kingdom and the national transformation programme 2020, raising the participation of women in the development of the local economy and diversify sources of national income.

The Government of Catalonia supported food industries that make up approximately 20% of the industrial GDP there, as well as chemical industries, energy and resources, particularly that of Catalonia accounts for 40% more than the value traded Spain chemical as well as take incremental steps regarding health industries particularly pharmaceutical products are the traditional engine of the local economy, and interest in the fashion sector, the fact that Utah is home to a large number of prestigious schools in the field of design.