Yes.. The Iranian regime to panic


Due to a series of developments that we have seen last year, especially after Barack Obama’s departure and the arrival of Donald Trump to the Presidency in the United States, there were general expectations that the situation in the region and the world will change. But the rapid developments in the last few weeks have shown that the political and military equation in the world in General and specifically in the Middle East will change quickly.

A us missile attack on the main military base and chemical regime in Syria reflects these developments went to a certain point in this context, former us Ambassador in Iraq, Ryan Crocker, “saying:” rocket attack on Assad’s regime is just the beginning.

“Sebastian Gorka.”. An adviser to American President Donald Trump in one of the positions taken by saying that “the Iranian regime after the missile attack on the Assad regime will restore his accounts” and if this trend came late because of the West’s policy of making bargaining with Iran especially during 8 years of my term Barack Obama, but should point to adulthood and maturity and practical solutions and binding’s ascent in the Iranian regime which must here briefly.

Due to the positions of senior us officials against the Iranian regime in recent days seems to be the direction of the arrow may change to go toward the Iranian regime, as the main source of crises in the region, indicating that fact also senior us officials recently.

Rumsfeld also said James Mathis, recently “that the Iranian regime is behind the trouble in the region.” «Sky News April 20 2017» truth announced by Iranian resistance many years ago, which was ignored by Western Governments and disregarded them intentionally. His remarks coincided with a press conference of the United States, in an unprecedented move last attacked the ruling regime in Iran and waved his record goes back to ‘ 91, adding: “the present Government in America does not intend to transfer the file to the next Government”.

The Minister said Rex tilrson in his press conference on April 21, 2017»: managing Trump is concerned is reviewing its policy toward the Iranian regime and then waved to several most important evidence are as follows:

The Iranian regime is the main supporter of terrorism in the world and is responsible for many of the conflicts that escalate and undermine us interests in countries such as Syria and Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon.

The Iranian regime continues to support the harsh regime in Syria, and is causing the prolongation of a war that claimed the lives of nearly half a million and millions of displaced persons.

In Iraq the Iraqi and Iranian supported militia often through the Jerusalem exhibition guard corps that the security and stability of Iraq at risk for years.

As the Iranian regime supports the houthis, who seek to overthrow the legitimate Government in Yemen by providing military equipment and financial support and advisory role.

Iran still worse human rights compared to the rest of the world, where they immerse political opponents regularly in prisons and had been up to.

The Iranian regime without any control by the international community, walking on the same path North Korea and engaged the world, intended by the nuclear agreement with the Iranian regime is only to hold them back from becoming a nuclear country, and this agreement reflects that policy failed with a system that is equivalent to North Korea risk dangerous. “

Of course the senior official’s remarks on the US Administration supported lawmakers too, said Paul Ryan, Chairman of the U.S. House of representatives in this regard: “the Iranian regime should be punished for publishing of terror, weapons and violating missile tests.”

As Mike McCall Chairman of the national security and Foreign Affairs Committee member in the House of representatives also in a statement: “the Iranian regime is directly responsible for terrorist attacks.”

It is a fact that experience proves over and over that the religious dictatorship ruling Iran and although all negotiations and agreements signed by Iran with others it has not abandoned its sinister goals. And will continue its aggression in different ways, out of sight of the international community to keep its rule.

The recent Conference held by the Iranian resistance to detect the Iranian regime to make a nuclear bomb, held on April 21, 2017, drew a broad by press and u.s. officials and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

In an interview to John Bolton’s interview with the American Fox Television stated: “the disclosed information to be taken seriously” above is a part of reality and have taken into account in order to fight a new stage not «passes on its launch a few months only really accepted by the international community, especially with the Iranian people and the peoples of neighbouring countries, but we must not leave Iran as gap filling the road, in the new phase of developments in Iran Its this fact should be taken into consideration:

First, the Iranian regime is now living in the most vulnerable stages in four decades of deadly political and economic crises suffered by the system’s head. The system Khomeini and Rafsanjani wekhamnaei about to doom which may cause the system to Ella to fall inside.

Secondly, on the eve of the presidential election system, where candidates are murderers of the Iranian people, and the people’s response to such plays under one “no” people want regime change.

Thirdly, although the Iranian people in the past, especially during the reign of Barack Obama was the avoidance due to recent policy making friendship with mass people uprising suppressor system in 2009. But now the international community should particularly not