Yemen’s Ambassador to Washington confirms the Government’s peace


Yemen’s Ambassador to Washington, Dr Ahmad Awad bin Mubarak, the legitimate Government of Yemen peace from the start of the coup, and that the war was obliged and was not an option.

The Ambassador said at a Symposium (perspectives on the Yemeni crisis) organized by the National Council of American and Arabic relations Gulf Research Center «houthi had not been excluded from participation in the national dialogue, as it is promoted in some media outlets, but they participated and endorsed the outputs and there was never any justification for the coup on legitimate non-implementation of their designs and their revolutionary bed».

He said: «the free port of Hodeidah sprang from constitutional and moral responsibility incumbent upon legitimacy and explained that the main objective of the operation is to alleviate suffering and reduce messes coup Harbour and poor exploitation and extortion of merchants and citizens».

Ambassador said bin Mubarak Government and Arab Coalition supporting legitimacy are keen not to deteriorate the humanitarian situation by any military operation, on the basis of this concern is the demand of the United Nations oversee the port of Hodeida instead of editing it militarily, failing United Nations supervision on the Harbour, the Government is obliged to edit and edit all parts of the territory of the coup.

Research leaders killed
On the ground, killing eleven houthi leaders and ousted forces in fighting fronts this week in battles with national army troops and militia backed by the coalition.

Newspaper, September 26, mouthpiece of Yemen’s Defense Ministry «6 houthi leaders killed in battle field between the national army and militia forces bemidi governorate weekend».

The fifth military region revealed the names of the houthi leadership they íííì õçáí repairman Asaad, Ahmed Mohsen Awad, Mohamed Saleh Hamid Hamoud, Yasser Abdullah Abdullatif Mohamed Mohamed Al-khawlani m, Gaul, Hamid Ali Yahya ghayl.

And in the province of Taiz, the national army killed a number of militia field leaders on several fronts.

According to Taiz axis command leadership was Abu Mohamed Wasabi was killed in Taiz province during clashes with the national army in the Western front fog City last Tuesday.

Harvest Coalition raids
And in the Directorate of mocha, Yemen, Western civilization two field commanders were killed in air raids to the Arab Alliance fighters.

A military source said the two leaders are Gillan Atef wemhiob adversarial, killed with six of their companions Khalid Ibn Al-Walid camp North Western strategic hurled.

According to the source, the adversarial and Atef were closed for leaders, and are responsible for mobilizing gunmen from the Directorate of wilderness August County Midland and recruited to fight in the ranks of the militia.

This comes in while the field leadership huthi roller mzakm roller was killed at the hands of the National Army fighters who face the houthi guerrillas in the mocha, Yemen, Western civilization.

Wemrdas is one of the houthi leaders who received training in Iran and Lebanon and belongs to saqayn Saada governorate.

Houthi leadership also other died in mocha, Yemen by fighters of the national army, a tyrannical leadership Fahd who was a sheriff in the houthi leaders bayhan èôèæé then in the battles of the West Coast and belongs to saqayn.

Project leaders is the houthi roller Fahad Sheriff of leaders that are connected directly to which the militia leader houthi babdalmelk great confidence.

In sarwah West of Marib caused air raid by Coalition aircraft in the killing of a militia field leaders and named «Abu Sarhan».

Confrontations in white
Clashes in the white County «Central Yemen», on Friday, a preacher and militia on the one hand and the militia on the other.

Sources said that the clashes between field resistance heroes stationed at site point and the Directorate’s shoulder © soft camels and a preacher and militia stationed at the almkhtbi site.

White resistance coup militia forced back to their former positions after that grappled the resistance to the attempted infiltration.

And on a related note, four soldiers were killed in the Yemeni army forces in sporadic killings by unidentified Taiz city partially surrounded by the southern archipelago for over two years, a security official said Friday.

Government forces told AFP that the killings occurred Thursday in different areas of the city controlled by Government forces accused “unidentified».

Speaking in charge of «increased activity by Al-Qaida elements» review in Taiz lately, noting that “more than ninety assassination registered against the unknown since the middle of last year.