The Yemeni military besieges weld camp. And an aid convoy a few loot

The Yemeni army, imposed gasket weld camp located in this Department West of hollow, after fierce fighting on Saturday with the putschists in the Directorate.

A military source confirmed the move in a statement September 26 website of the Yemeni armed forces, yesterday said that army forces tightened their control on the countenance, which overlooks the weld camp which enabled her to encircle the camp from three directions.

The source said that “progress will enable the army to control firearms at the camp and the only supply line control of the market Monday, securing the area surrounding minefield militia cultivation in the region.” Weld’s camp is a major gateway to enter the Yemeni national army Directorate of sufyan first Amran directorates.

So, seven soldiers were killed and 20 others injured in an explosion of explosive remnants of war in Iron Mountain in the city of Aden. Information suggests that the explosion was caused by a fire spread to the truck was carrying shells left over from the war in one presidential protection brigade headquarters in Iron Mountain.

Legitimate forces continued and provided Arab coalition forces in the vicinity of Camp Khaled and other areas of the Directorate of the Western distributor Taiz. Field sources said Government troops had cut the second most important supply line for the houthis and valid between Western forces Taiz and Lahej. The troops confirmed entries junction Distributor, some southern and Eastern Khaled camp sites. The fighting resulted in the killing of seven solsticial and captured five others in killing four troops. Forces took heavy and medium weapons, including rockets and rocket launcher and rocket-propelled grenades. Clashes coincided with raids of coalition aircraft targeted their positions and military vehicles in the area.

She killed two solsticial legitimate forces in the national army in the vicinity of the Faculty of medicine building next to the Presidential Palace East of Taiz.

Continuing the series of looting relief assistance, the aid convoy detained coup militia and 200 custom truck includes relief for 12 Directorate in Taiz province in an area 16 kilometres of Hodeidah. He appealed to the statement broadcast on official Saba News Agency, all international humanitarian organizations to communicate and put pressure on the coup leaders to quickly release the withheld relief convoy, demanding at the same time, the world food program and humanitarian coordinator in Yemen Jimmy makgholdrik change relief hurled migration path across the only port and security of the port of Aden.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni journalists ‘ Union confirmed that militias check with 14 journalists working in the institution of the revolution to the press, printing and publishing in Sana’a, in front of public funds on behalf of, demanding unpaid wages and entitlements.

This action comes just days after a court subject to the militia in Sana’a, sentencing to death journalist Yahya úèïçáñþíè çíãï çáîñóçäí algbihai.