Yemen.. Detect target “Uran” ousted “officers” wide “common” campaign


The sources revealed the houthi coup militias, summoned the strength of 150 officers from the Republican Guard, loyal to the ousted President, to the Governor of Saada, a stronghold of militias, and asked them to quickly implement the content of the summons.

The sources said that the aim of moving officers loyal to deposed, who lead the military wing, the most reliable force integration in “common” courses, call it cultural courses to attract militia officers within the military leaders of the militia, who work for Iran’s revolutionary guard leaders.

And revealed preparations to huthi’s militias, to regulate the biggest coup “sow”, military officers from the Republican Guard units, security Central, and air force, during Ramadan, explaining that the targets belong to the zaidi doctrine existed “zones” which he ousted endeavoring to ensure units, to shun pure loyalty to him.

According to sources, will involve religious references from Lebanon, Iraq, sectarian courses, which will be held through a registered workshops specifically for these officers, by these references.

The houthi militia seeks to dominate the rest of the Republican Guard officers, across recruit an ideologue to her class, having failed to recruit military personnel to work under its authority or allowing the militia leader’s brother, led by the Republican Guard.

The houthi militia, organized by common courses for around 400 member and an officer of the central security forces, who had previously led, brother of the ousted President.