“Wrath of the Euphrates” approaching a city old gentility

Syrian activists said that troops “infuriated Euphrates” dominated most industry neighborhood east of tenderness and near the old town area.

According to the activists, the Syrian elite forces are stretched and democratic Syria-backed forces of the international coalition control over 70% of the district after fierce battles continued with the militant organization of ISIS.

It should be noted that if the process forces wrath Euphrates “control the entire industry neighborhood will become contiguous with the city center, so it will apply her nemesis since beginning operations in tenderness.

The fighting could increase the difficulty of Syria forces approached from the densely populated downtown.

One admitted to AFP that this battle will be tough, “adding:” when approaching the city centre, we will fight within the multi-storey buildings. That fight downtown is harder than fighting in the villages, we will fight until we get control of the whole city. “

On a related level continue clashes between the two sides in the popular neighbourhood parties in the Western axis of Hittin tenderness, amid continued shelling on the themes of fighting and other areas in the city.

Activists said this morning, democratic Syria forces managed to establish full control over the Roman neighborhood, in addition to the area between my neighborhood Hittin Romanian, where violent clashes between the two sides in the Northern neighborhood of Hittin.

She forces into sharp clashes between their fighters and terrorists in the Western and Eastern fronts, indicating killed 23 militants of the organization without specifying the place or time.

Combing process mining continued for the fourth straight day by the wrath of the Euphrates “in the almshalb district East of the city.

Source: agencies

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