Work and social development: 59 we initiative implemented under Vision 2030


Uncover “Riyadh” Adviser to the Minister of labour and social development social development sector supervisor and strategic transformation Office. Majed Al-Osaimi, there are 59 initiative with the Ministry of labour and social development and started implementation.

Al-Osaimi said, that one of these initiatives was inaugurated recently in Rafha County “gateway youth volunteer Club” within the institution of volunteerism, and continued as well as working on the development and development centres and governance of charities and work based on these initiatives, and so Allah will soon see the work of these committees and associations and institutions involved in the development of greater understanding of community worked in past years work very proud today required more than they are able to do so.

Added m. Tsubasa, that our country is facing great challenges with regard to youth, youth clearly-and this word uttered by his Royal Highness Prince Naif Ibn Abdul Aziz Allah’s mercy-targeted youth in their religion and even targeted in their mind in their bodies targeted by aberrant and perverse behaviours drugs and irregular, after reconciliation will not succeed in Allah saved only by such a business centre that save their time and kept their mind and kept their bodies up to serve this country.

This came during attending the programme “mercy and tender 2016” and distribution of housing units to orphans in BUR countenance altimyat, adding, classified today Vision 2030 and the national transformation programme 2020 on a range of development initiatives that we see today some fruit through associations and development committees, and said clearly enabled vision provided the Foundation of volunteerism and empowering and non-profit sector expansion and enables associations and civil institutions and development committees to play an active and influential role in the development of this country, and in all the countries of the developed world is always the third sector and others -Profit and charity sector and community sector to community members, and active role of civil society institutions and always clear in first row for community development in providing various services.