Women’s civil status Office opens in tayma


The civil status offices inaugurated for women in the province of tayma in Tabuk, which started in the reception of the citizens to submit them all civil registry services as issuing national identity and the family register and revamping them, adding to record events of birth, marriage, divorce, death and issue the necessary documents.

The Office contains comprehensive service units in addition to the waiting area, and all their interest needs since revisions to the reception and even deliver cards and exit transactions.

And running the Office women cadres have gained special training on the latest technologies and all your work tasks.

For its part, the Interior Ministry agent assistance to the civil status of women offices Shabana jewel that civil status is working on opening a number of offices in various parts of the Kingdom during the coming period as approved plan aimed at expansion and proliferation, in addition to conducting mobile units for the provinces and villages with no offices, to serve the greatest number of women “, thanks to his Excellency Undersecretary of civil status for his attention and efforts to create the women’s offices to serve the greatest number of citizens.