Why will Apple iPhone phone 8 for several months?


Reports indicate that Apple might delay faces # hand launching pilot expected phone # Yvonne 8 compared with previous years, according to several recent reports, most recently today, said analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from kga securities, “KGI Securities, who said that the production process of the phone may not start until October/November October or November.
This information shows that phone # Yvonne 8 might not arrive in stores until the end of 2017, which means a delay of several months from the time when launching a new version of the iPhone through the years, often in August/September or August/September.
Analyst suggests that the reason for the delay due to obstacles within the production process which appeared because the new phone on many advanced ingredients being imported specifically for Apple, while still Ming-Chi Kuo company is expected to launch the sample 7S within the usual schedule.
Delay may affect the production of #هاتف_آيفون_8 for a month or two on Apple and working to harm company sales for 2017, because users will wait for the new device for longer, it also means that faced fierce competition from manufacturers of # Android for a while longer, and who are working on launching infinity screen devices.
It is likely that you do not lose the company over the long term a lot of sales, where most customers want to get the new iPhone and they’ll buy it if available, even if it means waiting for early 2018, cast blame on Analyst upgrades iPhone home regular 8 regarding the delay.
These included aulid screens custom OLED panels promotions and processing chip manufacturing technology A11 10 nm 3D touch form entirely new 3D cameras, 3D technology, 3D sensor, the promotions that I talked about a lot of reports and correspond to the images that leaked over the weekend that shows the final design is possible to phone.
The Analyst expects a sharp shortfall in supply aulid boards for a while after launch, which could limit the total phone shipments to 2017, the analyst has a more pessimistic regarding 7S models, so that phones from companies like Samsung full screen weshaomi # infinity Huawei might make the iPhone class 7S less attractive.