Wikileaks: us intelligence piracy on Yvonne impenetrable


Wikileaks published a collection of new documents leaked us intelligence program-related “CIA” to hacking phones iPhone smart of Apple.

New documents revealed, published by the American magazine “Fortune”, the CIA uses software pirating makes stop hack and spy for iPhone elusive.

She documents, published under the name of “dark matter” that the only way to stop piracy on the iPhone, “” iMac computers is the need to restore the device to factory settings.

The documents showed that the CIA designed a program called “dark skies” (NightSkies) planted in most iPhone starting in 2008.

The new programme provides for the possibility of CIA “full control” of all apparatus techniques, recording what all user and disprove all electronic processes by phone user.

Wikileaks said that that code is cultivated manually in the iPhone all starting from 2008, after their manufacture directly, and “dark skies” update itself without the knowledge of the owner of the phone with such software on the phone, even attempts to remove it, it’s not going to work, a person needs to reset the device to “factory settings” to remove it.

For her part, us magazine quoted by security experts that the recent records may not represent a high risk for ordinary users, especially the piracy that could be carried out on models of the third-generation iPhone, which launched in 2008, and there is no evidence of accreditation in the following forms.

But other experts warned that it is “the first installment,” where did he reveal Wikileaks on all documents which may contain other surprises on the pirating of American intelligence on the Smartphones.

The Agency did not comment on the authenticity of the documents, but says it is committed to legal prohibition against “targeting individuals here in the country, including u.s. citizens.”