The White House defends President’s discussions with the Russians.


Bush denied his national security adviser, today, to be President Donald Trump «caused security vulnerability
Nationalist, after it was reported that revealed the secret information concerning the Organization of ISIS to Russian officials.
He said national security adviser General Herbert Raymond McMaster, the assumption underlying this report.
That conversation was inappropriate and he caused a hole of any kind on national security, wrong». As confirmed
President Trump right «absolute» in terrorism-related information sharing and air safety with Moscow.
After I revealed that Trump Exchange with the Foreign Minister and the «Washington Post» aroused controversy
Sergei Lavrov, Russian Ambassador to Moscow in Washington Sergey Kislyak, confidential details the process longer
Organization of ISIS. The report stated that the information received from a party ally of the United States, and none for Washington.
Exchanged with Moscow.
McMaster did not confirm or deny whether detecting Trump about highly confidential information, where he said: «what I don’t do is
(…) I can tell you is that in the context of the conversation, as discussed
We are not discussing what is classified and what is not secret.
And the conversation was proportional to the periodic exchanges of information
President with the Russian Foreign Minister was fit
Between the President and any of the leaders who engages with them».
In turn, Republican Senator John McCain, that the President shared sensitive information with officials
Ross is «very unnerving.