Wella Group Sawa collects painters in Taif (woman) writer Sultan Musa


Distinct initiative of volunteer group Sawa, who participated to the second book fair held by the deanship Taif University female section.

Introduced new cultural revolution group brought together the largest gathering of painters and photographers at the level of the city of Taif through its exhibition I (woman) and inspired by the novel the Saudi writer Sultan Musa was the embodiment of the novel in the sequence by ordinations in addition

Some of the plastic arts.

She had a wonder full Professor and head of the Foundation Sommer Yala Sawa category volunteer youth need the opportunity for support in General in the city of Taif, particularly, in all areas, they have talent and creativity but we must embrace their talents and guide them to the right path and that is what we seek in the team and we still offer the best. Sawa group participation comes on this occasion, among other posts from this year in a number of festivals in the city of Taif.

Sawa group is the first group to volunteer volunteering engages in Taif, and includes a number of University students recently concluded effective Street Revival “talent” and the street full of talented and creative talents to display in front of the audience and visitors and in the events accompanying the exhibition effective platform interactive platform which dot discuss major topics dealing with talent and how to invest and develop the role of Saudi Arabia through Vision 2030 in their support and what are the most important supporting actors, and set up a workshop under the title “the basics of photography Photography “25 intern.