«Water reservoir pollution» balkonvzeh students poisoning.


Detect media spokesman Ibrahim Al-qunfudhah health almthami water reservoir pollution fourth elementary school intestinal bacteria is the cause of food poisoning, adding that all preventive and curative measures for school.

Almthami pointed out that through health investigation to put school before fersan health and health of Mecca and team from the Ministry of health found that what happened was not tssm ghzaaeiozelk based on the sampling results, and also by State/clinical cases are inconsistent with chemical poisoning, based on the results of the Poisons Centre in Mecca, awaiting final confirmation from other laboratories.

He added: “the epidemiological investigation for the infected and investigation of cases of school environment there is arbetat spatial distribution of cases by places near water courses, and results of lab tests of samples of water reservoirs of intestinal microbial contamination found school faecal bacterial farms also which was to air the school turns out to increase the number of bacteria in the air especially bathrooms.

Media spokesman confirmed the validity of Al qunfudhah was sent to a number of recommendations for education to take preventive action to school periodically.