Washington decides to consider the incident Erdogan’s bodyguards at the highest level


A spokesman for the Ministry told the Russian news agency TASS, said Friday: “the actions of the Turkish security forces earlier this week has stirred deeper anxiety, us State expressed concern about these events at the highest level.”

The spokesman said the Agency did not reveal his name: “a thorough inquiry enables greater importance represents officials computers specially programmed for us.”

He stressed that the US State summoned, last Wednesday, Turkey’s Ambassador to the United States, Serdar kilich, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Thomas Shannon, while local authorities stopped for a short couple of Erdogan’s bodyguards during the engagement, but released shortly after.

Violent clashes, last Tuesday, in front of the Turkish Embassy in Washington, between supporters and opponents of Erdogan.

Got a melee when the Turkish President was in the building, the clashes injured 9 people, 2 of them with serious injuries.

And published on the Internet a video showing Erdogan escort service members they attack violently Turkish President’s opponents.

American media said that Washington police plan to file charges for some background to this incident Erdogan’s bodyguards.

For its part, the Turkish Embassy in Washington claimed that members of the PKK terrorist workbook in Turkey are raised.