Washington decides to arm the Kurds in Syria. Ankara is concerned


Washington’s plan raised arm Kurdish fighters in Syria angered Ankara, which you describe as “terrorists” in a bet on people protection units this historic decision to speed up the fight against extremists.

The US resolution that renewed tensions between Washington and Ankara, less than a week before a meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Donald Trump in Washington, for the first time since the last access to power.

While Washington Kurdish factions housed units within the Arab Syrian forces of democracy, as a major partner in the face of ISIS organization in Syria, Turkey classifies it as a “terrorist organization.”

Ankara is the Kurdish units that make up the military arm of the Democratic Union Party in Syria, an extension of the PKK who leads a rebellion against it since the 1980s.

The US Defense Secretary James Mathis yesterday he was confident that the United States will be able to resolve tensions with Turkey on the US decision to arm the Kurd in Syria, saying “we will deal with any concerns.

He told reporters during a visit to the babradeh training area in Lithuania “will work closely with Turkey to support the security of its southern borders. It is the southern border of Europe, we will remain in close contact. “

In the wake of the US announcement, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Nourredine ganikli today for a-channel news “to” supply weapons to Kurdish people protection units is unacceptable. “

“A policy of this kind will not benefit anyone,” predicting that “this error is corrected.

In a surprise decision, a spokeswoman for the Pentagon, Dana white that trump “gave permission to the Pentagon to equip the Kurdish elements in Syrian democracy as a necessary step to ensure a clear victory to organize ISIS in tenderness. In providing air cover for their operations and Washington Post advisors on the ground, Syrian forces of democracy that Kurdish units are the main ingredient of expelling extremists from several fronts in Northern and North-Eastern Syria.

The Kurdish people protection units were considered in a statement signed on behalf of the spokesperson ridor Khalil said the US decision “though it came a bit late, it was fair and expressed confidence that created it positions our battles on behalf of the world against terrorism in all its forms.” She noted that “so far not arming was an injustice the right stretched long,” while emphasizing that “this historic decision armament, our units will play a more influential and powerful and decisive role in the fight against terrorism.”

In the same vein, the spokesman for the Syrian democracy Talal “decision solo comes under the accelerated elimination of terrorism” and said that the Washington Declaration formally “this support is a result of great effectiveness by the Kurdish units and all Syrian forces in fighting against terrorism.”