Washington is considering a draft resolution on Russian escalation in Syria


Hailey said in the morning session of the UN Security Council, said Tuesday: “we are studying.”

Russia was floated before the Security Council last week, the draft resolution supports the agreements reached in the Kazakh capital Astana, early this month, about creating areas for escalation in Syria.

In a press statement Monday, the representative of Uruguay, Elbio Rosselli (who currently holds his country, on a rotating basis, preside at the meetings of the Security Council), the Russian delegation insists on adopting the draft resolution as quickly as possible.

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Security Council meeting archive aldolirosia put to the Security Council a draft resolution on the support escalation zones in Syria
Olof Skoog noted, delegate of Sweden to the United Nations, that discussions about the Russian draft resolution would take several days, explaining that a number of Council members want to get more information about the mechanism for agreements of Astana and monitor their application.

The US Defense Secretary James Mattis announced, Monday, that the United States intends to study in depth the proposals regarding the establishment of areas for escalation in Syria.

The Minister said: “the proverb says that the devil is in the details. So we must look in detail and see if we can apply them, will we be able to say they might be effective. “

During the final general meeting of “Astana-4”, on 4 May, the representatives of the three countries signed the truce guarantors of Syria (Russia, Turkey, Iran) Note on the creation of four zones for escalation in Syria. These areas include edleb and some territories of the provinces of Aleppo and Latakia, Hama neighboring countries, as well as the area north of Homs and Eastern ghouta, plus the provinces of southern Kinetra shield. The agreement imposes a ban on all military activities in the areas mentioned, including flights.