Warning for pregnant women. Phone use affects children


A recent study found that children whose mothers were using mobile phone much during pregnancy are likely to suffer motion sickness more than their peers who were their mothers used the phone a bit.
But Laura perks team leader who conducted the study advises mothers to get rid of their mobiles.
She explained that it could not say whether electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones, or any number of other elements such as parenting styles, could explain the link between the use of mobile phones during their pregnancy and behavioral problems for children.
She said in an interview to Reuters Health via Skype, “I want to say to explain these findings with caution, and every order taken in moderation.
Perks and her colleagues analyzed data on more than 80 000 mother and child in Denmark and Spain and Norway and the Netherlands and Korea. And reached consistent evidence on the increased risk of behavioral problems, especially hyper _ movement in children aged between five and seven years, the use of mobile phone plus mothers during their pregnancy.
Birks said, studying for a PhD in biomedicine at the Barcelona Institute for global health in Spain, the results were surprising considering the lack of known biological mechanism supports the idea that radiation emitted from mobile phone before birth leads to increased birth movement.
After studying them for a mix of variables, including maternal age, marital status and education, the researchers found that children of mothers who were using a mobile phone at least four times a day, or who used him for at least an hour a day more likely their hyperkinetic probably at a rate of 28 percent compared with their peers who were their mothers used cell phones for fewer times or less.
Data were taken at intervals between 1996 and 2011. One group included women who subjected a study started in Denmark in 1996 a sufficient number of women who had never used a mobile phone at all during their pregnancy.
According to the study published in the journal environment international that children of mothers who did not use the mobile phone during their pregnancy have decreased the risk of behavioural and emotional problems.
However, Robin Hansen pediatrician and Professor at the University of California found that the study raised more questions than answers.
She asked in a telephone interview, “is that something about the mobile phone itself? Does this affect parenting behaviour? These things do not answer the study. “
Hansen did not participate in the study.
And pediatricians in the United States parents reduce the vulnerability of their mobile phone. But Hansen said that parents also to think about the impact their use of a mobile phone for their children.
She explained that parents are turning their attention from their cell phone screens unless the child screamed or threw something or latest vocal. She added that children learn from it to make noise to attract the attention of their parents away from devices that stare.
“This reinforces the hyperkinetic behavior and attract attention.