View .. So pray visitors to the Prophet ‘s Mosque honorable kindergarten


placed # Saudi security plans to enable visitors to # Almsadjad_allenboa of prayer in the Rawdah.
And an area of 333 square meters, is a grainy # Alrodh_aharifh work environment Sergeant Sergeant Abdullah Al – Mutairi from the leadership of the security of the Prophet ‘s Mosque, where he spends most of his daily life there.
About his work , said Al – Mutairi’s “Net”: “When the pilgrim or visitor comes and finds the service meets the aspirations we feel joy , especially in the gardens of Paradise.”
Al – Mutairi ‘s intentions were incarnated byE.Salvation as a man visiting the Prophet ‘s Mosque security service. Valrodh has become a forum for visitors , shaking day and night.
Among looks impressive and the love of peace and Widad, Al – Mutairi and his colleagues are active in the implementation of the Saudi government ‘s plan to expand the circle of security service and its surroundings for visitors to the Prophet ‘s Mosque convoys.