Videography. Man falls from high altitude and his colleagues watched


In a shocking scene construction worker commented on top of a tall apartment building caught fire, while their contented himself with his colleagues to follow up the incident and filmed without intervention to save him.

Active trading on social networking sites record a photographer working appears as he tries to cling to the roof of the building in China to escape the flames, without receiving help from anyone to be killed after he suffered his powers.

The video has raised which was broadcast on “live” the resentment many people who criticized the position of the present and not to provide assistance to men.

One follower: “How do you stand and watch” rough while your colleague is facing death? “. With another observer commented: “How can people be so stupid?”.

Another suggested labour could solutions be used to rescue the man, said: “putting air sac under the building, bringing a high ladder, use a hose to extinguish the fire, filling the place with water drops.