Videography. Funny moment of confusion between shifty and his wife.


I picked up a quick moment of confusion in camera lenses power handover ceremony at the Elysee Palace between President France Emmanuel shifty and his wife Brigitte Marie-Claude, Sunday. And French President Francois hollande outgoing President elect in the Elysee Palace, where they held a meeting in private when the nuclear weapon blades handed him.

After the end of bilateral talks, the shifty accompanied Holland into the courtyard of honor and he was seen off by before the eyes of the media, and then returned to the entrance to the Palace to take pictures with his wife.

Rashly Brigitte Marie-Claude to enter the Palace, at the time she was holding her husband marcone from his right hand, before he pulls and more to the Élysée Palace (perhaps at the request of photographers to take pictures show).

Smaller pay elected Heads of Central France, Emmanuel shifty, Sunday, presidential duties officially, one week after his victory over far-right leader marine Le Pen rival.