Video .. This Saudi Arabia stands for the Times theater of Europe


is the Academy # Maish_sbhristi, the first lady # Saudi Arabia offers theatrical performances in countries # Alathad_aloorobi, where he established social and cultural plays based on a single representation of women, which is dramatized in which only one representative leads several roles does not appear and it works to move the audience , which requires multiple potential.
Academic and writer Maish Sbhristi, holds a # doctorate in # Alodb_alangelaza from the University of London, an assistant professor of King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, and began her career theater after graduating from the university, but her passion for this art began since childhood, where she was active in the school completed stage theater in the United States.
Managed Maish to participate in the “Edinburgh Festival” which is one of the most prestigious artistic events in the world, held annually in the Scottish capital for more than seventy years, and to be the first Saudi offer a theatrical performance at the festival, where she attended a play “upside down” that revolves around the theme of “polygamy.”
The image of Saudi women in the West
and said it aims Maish of its work to raise awareness of social issues Saudi Arabia at the global level. It’s “Net” to change the stereotypical idea of the West about # # Almroh_alsaudih is the responsibility of the Saudis primarily, and therefore there is an urgent need to intensify the presentations dealing with Saudi women ‘s status, rather than leaving the field to spread misconceptions.
Maish explained that the presentation at the Edinburgh Festival received a large presence of the European public, although it provides for the first time there, and the reason that the public aroused curiosity and wants to watch and listen what would you say this next woman from Saudi Arabia, where he was it for them new, which underlines the importance of that Saudis have the presence of a permanent presence in various artistic and theatrical platforms around the world.
On limiting the play offerings in Europe, Maish said it had a great passion for the progress of local performances in Saudi Arabia, especially with the emergence of interest in theatrical art by the Culture and Arts Association, and also by the entertainment staff: “I look forward to cooperate with these institutions, and plays in the Arabic language so that we can from the development of theater in Saudi Arabia. ”