Video influential .. Search for a woman , ” the heart of the girl burned”


called the official spokesman for the Ministry of Labor and Social Development # Khald_oba_kal, to provide him with information about a woman who photographed the girl crying a burning sensation on her sick mother.
The video showed, were traded across networks # Altoasl_alajtmai under the marking # Amroh_thrq_qlb_teflh, a question of Ms. girl knife on the state of health of her mother, then began Bastvzazha and Alchmt until the girl exploded in tears.
The number of students of the pioneers of social networking quickly arrested this lady and accountability, wondering this act which is stripped of humanity.
For its part, it indicated a social worker Zahar morning that can not be dealt with # children in such terms that affect their psyche in the future.
She explained that the way they dealt Ms. proves inadequate passage by the educational and psychological terms for dealing with children, and may require remedial phase of the girl child, stressing that there is a system that protects # childhood from such practices, including the rights of the child system.