Victory: «Derby» dangerous. And HDTV harm to our fans!

Five days after < «Derby Riyadh» which brought my team Crescent and victory, the last Administration issued a statement today (Tuesday) which condemns the accompanying events of the game, specifically what happened to overtake on the order (statement) before the start of the game and enter the masses of the semicircular seats for fan club victory.
Yellow statement stressed the seriousness of what happened, calling it dangerous precedent, adding: «what happened dangerous precedent absolutely unforeseen result of prior arrangements for the match, which was agreed at the headquarters of the Saudi Football Federation and King Fahd International Stadium in the presence of all security bodies responsible for maintaining security and order in the stadium.
Victory Club rejected the issue of damage to their audiences, follow in her: «sadly overridden on order after chaos caused harm fans victory and had a negative impact on the overall event, club management has sought since the beginning of the spark these events to communicate with stakeholders and officials but we haven’t found them any interaction with them, but every responsible of them was throwing the other».
The victory concluded his statement explaining that Club President Prince Faisal Ibn Turki addressed the President of the Saudi Football Federation and President of the Professional Association to take action on the matter.
Hilal team Coronation night was the title of a beautiful and encountered League match in front of audiences averse saw victory, and attendance to the first fans, what caused the entry of supporters in places reserved for fans of victory.