The United Nations announces the delivery of assistance to Wadi barada


Stephane dujarric said, spokesman for the international organization, the convoy carrying international aid delivered, on 6 May, food and drinking water and hygiene kits to more than 30, 000 needy barada Valley.

Dujarric added that “surgical and medical materials and equipment prevented some of the load, or reduce their number.”

He welcomed the internationalist official aid organization into a Valley, where “there are still a lot of besieged areas or those that are hard to reach”, noting that the Organization was unable to deliver aid to them “because of the security situation and the limitations imposed by the parties to the conflict”.

, A Syrian opposition Web sites reported that an aid convoy composed of 20 trucks provided by the United Nations medical substances containing detergent and clothes, entered Saturday barada Valley area that joined with national reconciliation early this year, and emptied the material, then left in the company of the Syrian Red Crescent.

On 3 May/May, the United Nations announced that the part of the international caravan cargo destined for Eastern ghouta, also were excluded.