UN Envoy meets Dr Rabia for Humanitarian Affairs in Geneva.


The consultant met Royal Superintendent King Salman for relief and humanitarian work Dr Abdullah rabeeah when he was to represent the Kingdom at a high level meeting of Yemen’s donors in Geneva today internationalist Envoy for Humanitarian Affairs Dr Ahmed Bin Mohamed Martian Ambassador custodian to the European headquarters of Permanent Representative of the United Nations and other international organizations, Dr Abdulaziz Ibn Mohamed road.

Dr Ahmad lauded role during muraikhi Kingdom through King Salman for relief and humanitarian work in providing humanitarian assistance and active participation in international efforts in the humanitarian field, through cooperation with the United Nations. UN Envoy listened to explanation of Dr rabeeah on the work of the Centre and provided assistance and programmes implemented in 37 countries around the world and most notably Yemen.

Common themes were discussed between the two sides and the importance of continuing cooperation and exchange of information.

His Excellency also met with the Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies Pilgrim “c”.

The two sides reviewed their common programmes in relief and humanitarian areas and provide all forms of support for the stricken countries throughout the world, especially the ways of implementation of the joint programme for the delivery of aid to Syrian areas most affected with a view to alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people.

Pilgrim noted “c” with relief and humanitarian efforts and work characteristic of the Centre, and the positive echo found him by the international community and particularly the important humanitarian role in Yemen.