UN calls to speed the fulfilment of pledges at the donors ‘ Conference to help Yemen


He said the United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Yemen Jimmy makgholdrik: “the financing of relief has become an urgent necessity in order to save lives in Yemen, calling on the Member States to finance the humanitarian response plan urgently.

In a statement issued about makgholdrik stressed the need to immediately fulfil all pledges that were announced at the donors ‘ Conference recently in Geneva, stressed that all ports and roads available for humanitarian workers to face the threat of famine a cholera outbreak, and to facilitate access to life-saving assistance without delay to the most needy throughout Yemen.

The UN official was particularly concerned about reports that medicine and medical supplies do not reach those in need in time because of administrative delays in ports, and obstacles of checkpoints on roads and interference in the delivery of aid.

According to a statement issued by the Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen that recent information suggests the late arrival of some medical supplies destined for the town of taizz, makgholdrik appealed to all parties to allow trucks carrying medicines reach Taiz without delay.

As he repeated the Secretary-General’s appeal, at the donors ‘ Conference, to all the warring parties to secure unconditional access, security and sustainability of humanitarian aid to the needy in various parts of Yemen, appealed to the parties to the conflict and stakeholders and provide them with weapons, return to the peace negotiations to end the conflict.

The donors had pledged at a donor conference last April, providing more than one billion dollars to finance Yemen humanitarian response plan with a budget of $2.1 billion.