Turkish Parliament approves a bill that allows the deployment of Turkish troops in Qatar


The Turkish Parliament approved Wednesday a Bill to allow the country’s Government deployed units of the Turkish armed forces in the territory of the State of Qatar.

She explained the official Anatolia agency said the move is expected to be taken under the agreement concluded by the 2015 countries for their cooperation in security and training elements of the gendarmerie.

This move is in support of Qatar facing trade and diplomatic isolation from a number of countries in the Middle East, chiefly Saudi Arabia.

Suggested members of Parliament from the ruling Justice and development party “discuss first comes to pieces to allow the deployment of Turkish troops in Qatar and II initiate an agreement between the two countries on cooperation in military training, according to Reuters quoted from the justice and development party and opposition officials.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE severed ties with Qatar, Monday, June 5, and closed airspace to commercial flights from Qatar and her accusing Doha financing militant groups.

Qatar strongly denies the accusations.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has slammed Arabic States moved against Qatar and said that isolating Doha and sanctions will not solve the problems and that Ankara will make every effort to mediate an end to the crisis.

Turkey has maintained good relations with Qatar, as well as several Gulf Arabic neighbours.

Turkey has established a military base in Qatar as part of an agreement signed between the two countries in 2014.

, And in 2016 visited Ahmed davutoglu, Turkish Prime Minister at the time, the base where 150 soldiers are stationed.

In an interview with Reuters in late 2015, Ahmad said Turkey’s Ambassador to Qatar, Demirok at that time, he expected the number of Turkish troops at the base to 3000 troops.

Source: agencies

Yassin Boteti