Tunisian army: we won’t use force only in extreme situations


The Minister said the security and Defense Committee in the House of representatives of the people, “the army does not rub elbows with citizens, continued the protesters, the army only protects installations. When the army has nothing to do with protecting the sovereign both facility or delicate, this orientations rules protection law “.

He added that the army could “according to law” to use force “to use force only in case of danger or serious threat condition affecting protected facility.

He recalled that the army intervened at the request of the civil authority, to set conditions when I arrived the country into chaos, during and after the revolution that overthrew former President 2011 zaba.

On May 10, President beji Caid, the army will protect the phosphate mining and oil and gas fields, of protest movements can disrupt production.

Tunisia reportedly lost during the last five years 5 billion dinars (equivalent to 2.5 billion dollars), because of strikes and protest and disrupting production.

Since last April, 23 disables hundreds of protestors crossing trucks and cars to the oil fields in Tataouine, and tents in the “alkamor”, the main crossing point towards the oil fields.