Tunisian army warns protests are Tataouine

معتصمون بمنطقة الكامور في ولاية تطاوين التونسية

The Tunisian Defense Ministry warned Sunday night that army units would use force against attempts to break into the oil installations in the region of “alkamor” Southern wake Tataouine close sit demanding jobs oil pumping station in the area.

The Ministry said in an official statement, to balkamor oil installations “locked” with units of the army and the National Guard (gendarmerie), oil pumping station went back to work at full capacity.

The Ministry warned “all citizens of forensic traces the result of collisions with military and security units, physical damage that can be sustained in the gradient image in use of force with all of their abuse or attempts to prevent them from performing their duties, or trying to enter by force into the facilities to protect it.”

She explained that “as a result of congestion as protesters (alkamor) Saturday, to avoid loss of life, military specialist engineer formations to reduce pressure in oil pumping unit temporarily, then returned today (Sunday) to normal level.

State television announced that President Yusuf’s Government Sunday evening witness “Omnia” about the situation in Cabo San Lucas, with the defense and Interior Ministers and military and security leaders.

And Saturday close squatting oil pumping station in alkamor in an unprecedented escalation, protesting the lack of response from the authorities to their demands to run thousands of unemployed in oil and gas fields in the desert Tataouine.

The army tried to prevent protesters from storming the station fired warning shots in the air more than once, but they insisted on closed.

It is the first time that the army called the fire a warning since cost President beji Caid on May 10th, protect oil and gas fields and phosphate of protest movements can disrupt production.

Since April 23, disrupts hundreds of protestors crossing trucks and cars to the oil fields in Tataouine, alkamor area in tents after crossing some oil fields.

The protesters demanded to allocate 70 percent of oil companies in the State, and residents Tataouine 20 percent of revenues from energy projects for the development of the region, and are described by the authorities as “ruinous”.

And Saturday, said Noureddine altaboubi Secretary General of the Tunisian General Labor Union (Central Association): “Tunisia’s sons have the right to defend their legitimate demands and ensure their right to work and peaceful development, but without disrupting production and banditry.”

And Wednesday, the Defense Minister Ferhat horchani that the army would not use force except in extreme cases, such as “danger or serious threat affecting protected facility, Army military that protects this facility, or even sardines citizens.”