Tunisia.. Battalion uqba “killing her Prince in Sidi Bouzid (image)


As he said in the same statement that called Ihab Tangerine almenki dad certainty Cyrene “was liquidated in April 30 April in the process of Sidi Bouzid (Tunisia) military.

The statement pointed out that “Abu sufyan Mystic,” Algerian nationality, who was killed in the same operation, has entered the Tunisian territory immediately after the fall of the regime of Tunisian President Ben Ali.

The Tunisian National Guard was announced late April killed two gunmen during clashes after raiding a house in the town of Sidi Bouzid, Central Tunisia.

And national guard spokesman Brigadier Khalifa Shebani then to special units of the guard managed to liquidate two terrorists blew himself up with a belt after receiving a gunshot, noting that a battalion leader uqba.

Uqba battalion is one of the most dangerous organizations, which were loyal to Al-Qaeda, before witnessing splits after defections to organize “ISIS”.