Trust “in its second week with” Najran “technique. Next Sunday


Wednesday evening concluded, the first week of the program “mastered” in the first phase, which began last Sunday and carried the number 25 trainees majoring in electrical and home wiring principles technical college in Najran, with the second week programs start next Sunday.

Media representative for the program in public administration for technical and vocational training in Najran, Dhafer bin Mubarak Al resources, General Manager of technical and vocational training in Najran, Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Jabbar, all his attention to this program since its inception, in the context of technical and vocational training Corporation to activate the national transformation programme 2020 initiatives and included of ambitious Kingdom Vision 2030 coincided; that to meet the needs of citizens in developing life skills in technical and professional areas, and possess the skills and basic principles In those areas.

“The resources that provide these programs through distinct national competencies and has long experience in the field of specialization, required quality trainees in specialties offered, according to the latest new technologies.

For his part, the head of the Sub-community service center in Najran, MIMO, registration continues in community training programme “master” for the next two weeks during the first stage through the link, indicating that the second week programmes would begin on time next Sunday.