Trump put Ukraine’s Foreign Minister in an awkward position because of these pictures!


Ukrainian-American encounter sparked controversy in the Ukrainian community, especially with the proliferation of images of the encounter showed us the clear and explicit condescension of the Ukrainian delegation, which outraged citizens in Ukraine, the country’s Foreign Minister was considered a laughingstock just a tool of President Trump.

Some political analysts have compared the Trump interview with the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, on the one hand and meet Trump with the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, on the other hand, the experts concluded that the comparison is great in terms of mutual respect between States, in addition to a clear and obvious differences between Lavrov and the empowered and superior expert in politics and diplomacy, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine.

The pictures showed the status of Trump and the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, I was sitting and directs speak with insight and confidence against Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State stood by him listening to his instructions and advice, through expert analysis of this image indicate the diplomatic gap and respect between the two.

And compared to meet Trump Lavrov, showed a consistent position between the two images, it signifies the mutual respect between the two countries.

Swept into the social media comments and pictures of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel klimkin, where social networking pioneers published photographs which showed the Ukrainian Foreign Minister as a salesman at a fast food restaurant McDonald’s as he listened to a client (Trump) and wrote “Please I want to ask the potato and cheese sandwich and a large Coke.”