Trump himself “leader of the year”!


You may be surprised, dear reader of the title or possible that overwhelms you smile at first glance but I’m quite while hearing the word size of fittings the US President’s visit to Saudi Arabia, “Donald Trump invited more than 30 Muslim head of State to attend the meeting not to invite Lebanese President Michel Aoun on the pretext that a Christian is completely confirmed that Trump orientalis set himself the leader of a Sunni Muslim grossly and distasteful.

Arab Islamic NATO newborn

After all attempts to free Arab citizens in unifying the country Arabic and remove borders and achieve Arab dream of unity which failed except the Syrian and Egyptian unity and also Iraqi-Syrian and Libyan republics and then tried to “Israel” and tools to dismantle and Arabic countries, especially Syria and Lebanon, Sudan and Yemen, even in an era of “Arab spring” who dropped completely masks the inherent became overtly fights after losing agents one by one in the seven years war pervades much of the Syrian conflict and marketed in that civil war and at other stages of war Until sectarian reign came _ the faithful _ Trump who tried his other deficit by establishing a Sunni Arab to fight as NATO named ISIS and victory and her sisters but truth fights out of the Islamic State of Iran resistance axis but Arab and Islamic cover.

Pay to improve it!

We are sure that the American President who always make himself world policeman wanted by ausith East tour that are sponsored by Marie Antoinette’s “royalties” and forcing most Gulf States reserves of those regimes and Islamic countries to pay for their presence and protected by Uncle Sam to shorten the time and effort instead of coming of every head of State or the King of one Gulf reserves alone to visit the United States to pay _ to improve _ by collecting royalties and pay a single amount of Riyadh as an open Fund Under false pretenses as protecting “Israel” and arming those Nations and the price of keeping the Mamluk system alive.

Communal cult reinforces Trump

“Donald Trump American President wanted middle and tendencies and fighting in the name of religion and democracy to be ksaiks Pico but with the same disease and the same medicine over sectarianism and fanaticism and fabricate such hypothetical enemy to ensure the continuation of the conflict and fighting through the support of Arab Islamic Iran fighting NATO and presence in Syria and the region and also to support the Kurds in the North and the application of the draft” Lebanonization “Syria parties and ethnicities and sectarian” Israel “is the standard and the region and her allies where NATO ally against Arab axis of resistance after the failure of the scheme Greater Middle East and the creative chaos of the late Bush Administration initiated and Obama approach partner but a new cover and a new way of “Donald Trump is Court sectarian leader new year 2017 instead of Al-Baghdadi walgolani, bin Laden and Zawahiri.