Trump calls for North Korea file processing “promptly”


The President called Donald Trump Monday after a White House meeting with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “quickly” to address North Korea’s file and the threat posed by nuclear and ballistic missile its plans.

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Trump said to reporters during a joint press conference with MODI, “the North Korean regime is a source of enormous problems and this is a must attend to and you should probably do.

Bush thanked the Indian Prime Minister to impose his “new sanctions against the North Korean regime, which continues to develop its ballistic missile in defiance of United Nations resolutions that ban it.

Tension on the Korean peninsula since last year following a series of nuclear tests and missile launches by the North Korean regime.

And last week described North Korea Bush “psychopath” amid rising tensions due to the death of American student Otto warmber which Pyongyang fired released last week and returned to the United States and is in a coma after being imprisoned in North Korea.

Christopher Rex tilrson urged Chinese officials to impose further diplomatic and economic pressure on North Korea to force it to rein in its nuclear weapons program.

Source: Alalam