A tripartite meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Iran and Syria and Russia in Moscow


Mehr News Agency reported that Mohamed Javad Zarif and Russian and Syrian counterparts, Sergei Lavrov and Walid Moallem met in Russia and discussed the latest developments of the Syrian arena.

The three Ministers also discussed the dubious us strike to Syria and bombed the military airport in the Syrian city of Homs capillaries under the pretext of using chemical weapons, the Syrian Government in the town of Khan sheykhoun in idleb northern Syria.

At this meeting a cute condemned all forms of use of chemical weapons, at the same time denouncing the use of chemical attack as a pretext for aggression against Syria by the United States.

Zarif called to form a neutral fact-finding Committee to find out the truth in this matter.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Javad Zarif said the Syrian crisis be resolved and handled peacefully and through diplomatic channels.