British court obliges doctors not to treat the baby and let him die with “dignity”!


In fact, the first of its kind, a British Court agreed, leaving baby Charlie garde with a rare disease that die with “dignity”, obliging doctors to stop treatment.

The 8-month-old baby suffering from a rare genetic disorder significantly affect brain growth.

According to experts, the Court took the view, not cured the child days of his illness.

Doctors Hospital of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London where he treated the baby had asked the Court to allow them to stop devices that keep Charlie alive artificially.

The judge said Nicholas Francis, “I’d like to thank my father Charlie on their tremendous campaign in his name and I want to commend especially the great devotion to their الرائع″.

The judge had personally intended to the hospital to view the status of the child.

And the parents hope to take their son to the United States to undergo treatment for under the experiment to heal illness. They had gathered more than 1.2 million pounds (1.4 million euros) to fund the treatment.

Laura said Hoppy-Hampshire, lawyer spouses, that the decision was the most calamitous parents and are intended to appeal.