Tragic situations experienced by women in Yemen by the houthi coup militia


Yemeni women lived a tragic and painful situations with increased gross violations and atrocities committed by houthi militia against them in the provinces controlled by the putschists.

And diverse forms, such violations including verbal and sexual harassment and physical abuse that amounted to murder and sexual abuse that has reached an end rapes, in addition to preventing them from working.

Yemen Rep explained to the Arabic League in Cairo Riyadh radial, that reports of human rights activists confirmed increasing violence and fear as well as various other violations including leaking thousands of students from education, and increasing rates of poverty and unemployment and begging.

Media sources quoted as saying in the radial cultural salon held by the Yemeni Embassy in Cairo in collaboration with Arabic women’s organization under the title women Arabic in conflicts and disputes, “that women in Yemen have experienced after putschists in power since September 2014, verbal and sexual harassment, threats, and prevent them from working, and got them the largest share of abuse and harassment by militias in controlled cities and regions”.

According to the United Nations Population Fund last month reported that 10 000 a case of violence against women in Yemen through 2016.

The cases include «rapes and domestic violence and underage marriage, forced marriage and child abuse, physical and psychological trauma and many other forms of violence against women and girls.

Yemeni women activists had had a light can entitled “situation of women and children during armed conflict in Yemen” on the sidelines of the 33rd session of the Human Rights Council hosted by the United Nations in Geneva recently on those terrible violations committed by militias against women.

Meanwhile Dr bassandawa medal Academy talked about the situation of women in Yemen, the press offered human Ameri paper about violations against media professionals in war, as well as active high happiness paper about recruiting militias coup children in Yemen.

Ameri human showed that attacks involving many Yemeni media, especially of be against coup militia practices undermined the rights and freedoms of citizens and long accustomed to working in the field to cover events and working across websites and social networking sites, the houthi militia also worked on mute the voices of women and of positioning in the media, despite the small numbers, it sounds fade.

She pointed out that the preacher and militia coup insisted on exclusion and harassment of women at work bringing it to some extent separated and force her not to leave the House or writing and expression even on social networking sites and even exceed limit or reveal any information you write about violations of those mercenaries and militia agent and other designations which is an incitement to harm society supporters to spilt her blood.

Ameri presented an overview of the Yemeni journalists ‘ syndicate and monitored media network for the advocacy of women’s issues of violations against women journalists from January 2015 until June 2016 and eleven cases documented by individual and collective violation it razed by militias.

And on the status of women during the conflict in Yemen made Dr Sam BASENDWAH paper reviewing aspects of the suffering of Yemeni women under a flaming war, “that with raping and Uran power on 21 September 2014 and the dismantling of State institutions was naturally reflected this disastrous situation on society with all its components, and on women in particular.”

Archipelago violated the Constitution and the law, and committed serious human rights violations and serious crimes such as murder, enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention and prevention of health and education services, a woman is not aloof from all this, do not save these militias any sanctity for women, many women suffered a direct violation of either torture or kidnapping, in conjunction with human tragedy plaguing with shelling residential areas and sniper operations and assassinations.

Houthi and militia with extended favor and attacking the armed strife in various regions of Yemen, human suffering to society women who found themselves loaded with additional capacity burdens on them. Uncovered human rights information and training center in Yemen that killed and wounded woman 459 1281 between January 2014 and 30 March 2016 while 647 children killed and injured in attacks by houthi militants 1822 and valid.

The Centre revealed in his report to the general meeting of the Human Rights Council in Geneva that women and children are exposed to serious violations by a preacher and militia in favor of coup, with widespread recruitment of children by armed groups and foremost preacher and community benefit.

The children formed a third of the fighters in Yemen, and that 72% of cases of recruitment of children documented back to huthi and favor with the number of children detained by the militia reached 189.

Demanded Centre developed special hubs within the agenda of peace negotiations to address the phenomenon of child soldiers in line with the recommendations of resolution 2216.

And dedicated to violence and bloody index shows houthi group and its senior citizens horror style houthi leadership against a student in ninth grade school knife in the capital because of the Community logo on the wall of a shredded school.

Sources in the Yemeni houthi leadership inside the beat on the student OLA Ahmed Mohamed belt unal because the Community logo school wall pieces, noting that the houthi leadership entered with five armed bodyguards school and tried to kill requesting “ALA” bgnbith (white weapon) if it hadn’t been for the students and the