Traditional men’s village celebrates its third annual


Heritage Village men celebrated on Thursday evening rijal County its annual III, in the presence of men on the Verdun and Dr Saud Al almthami, Minister of State and former Cabinet Member and member of the Shura Council Abdulaziz Mohamed almthami almthami, the Governor of the city and the Governor sign hilarious albenaoi and literary Abha Club guests participating in this year’s annual Conference and a number of cultural figures in the region.

On the sidelines of the ceremony launched a book difficult news of Sheikh Hassan total on records and reading in personal life literary 2017 writer Ahmad challenge.

Forum Manager Ibrahim said in a speech at the opening of the bright events that the aim of this forum is to awaken the sense of heritage and cultural tourism to sites like this and find attractions to the village men, asserting that this forum is considered culturally educated special season and a return to heritage and celebrate it.

The work was also unveil to pioneer the art of engraving by Marcus Fatima Abu khas Allah rest her soul the work of artist granddaughter Safia Ibrahim.

At the end of the celebration, a number of outstanding personalities were honored in national service at the county level and the sons of the village men.