«Trade» seized 300 kg of rotten meat and fish

Oversight teams seized at the Department of trade and investment in one of the food shops in hail today (Saturday), more than 346 kilograms of meat and fish corrupt and unfit for human consumption.
Tour of inspection teams were implemented with the participation of the Secretariat of the hail on food shops, seized and confiscated and destroyed during which 58 kilograms of imported beef, and 17 kg of sheep meat, and 270 kilograms of rotting fish in a shop, and free ticket by public health Rep to sell meat that showed them rot, and prepare the necessary records and call the facility to complete the statutory procedures.
The Ministry of trade and investment to continue its supervision of all businesses and warehouses, to ensure regular work, lack of practice cheats, circumvention of the consumers, exploiting demand for the purchase in the sale and marketing of any goods or rotten imitation, the hope of the Pan consumers cooperation across reporting complaints and feedback to the Ministry’s Communications Center at 1900, or via the application «commercial communication».Source: Alhayat