Tourist organizations and teams compete to serve tourists in Jizan


Due to the diversity of the terrain and atmosphere of JAZAN, arose several teams and youth organizations to organize excursions, tourist service, in various places in the region, including mountain and plain, and an investment for sites created by the tourism authority and stakeholders.
Said one young life Foundation to organize excursions: “time to exploit these blessings of Allah on JAZAN in the diversity of terrain and climates, and creating some beautiful sites.
He stressed that their institution had arisen as a result of the influx of tourists and appearance beauty of JAZAN in the past, recently stating that this is what’s called a group of young people to create life to organize tours to coordinate and organize all chatters supplies within the region.
On the other hand, some teams and individual efforts across social networking sites make offers and special reservations for tourists and those interested in JAZAN tourism, by promoting their services, accompanied by photos of tourist sites in the region.