The tourism industry in the future and tormented paradigm shift


Director General Commission for tourism and national heritage province hasa unique tourism industry Khalid Al Ahsa to come on shift, pointing to the General Commission for tourism and national heritage is working with its partners to sign striking hasa in UNESCO World Heritage list support HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman Chairman, His Highness Prince Badr Bin Mohamed Bin jalawi Al-Ahsa Governor President of Tourism Development Council.

The unique pointed Tuesday inaugurating the training program (innovation of small tourist enterprises and marketing), organized by the branch in cooperation with the National Centre for human resources development in tourism (complementation) in the presence of more than 50 sex in Hotel Al Ahsa intercontinental.

He noted that the tourism authority is making great efforts in cooperation with its partners in providing opportunities for study and work in tourism where he works (integration) to prepare and update a comprehensive settlement strategies and plans for the tourism sector, and increase the contribution of national employment in the tourism sector and reduce recruitment, and a regulatory environment for the development of national tourism and human resource development, stimulate investment in human resources development.

Then browse the trainer m. Yemeni Nasser highlighted the investment opportunities and tourism enterprises innovation mechanism and gave examples of the Ahsa province which possess a lot of factors that lead to successful projects, and gave many examples in Al-hasa and beyond, explained the importance of free enterprise and innovation of tourism projects, the most significant benefits that accrue to alshkhsgraa free labor, entrepreneurship means creating a business is characterized by creativity and risk, in the same context he stopped on the entrepreneurial benefits, drawbacks and potential risks of entrepreneurship, stamping review Sources of financing for projects that include self-financing, Government and banking and investment.

At the conclusion of the program unique questions answered Khalid raised by participants in the program.