Topple an Asian gang specialized in robbing headhunter in Mecca.


Enables security criminal investigation division and the sacred capital of overthrowing an Asian gang consisted of 11 people specialized in robbing headhunter shops according to media spokesman indicated Mecca district police Colonel Dr Ben-ahsaa attieh Qurashi.

Qurashi said “Holy Metropolitan Police received a number of communications containing offering headhunter shops to plunder by unidentified persons and was forming an efficient staff to conduct investigations on offenders where criminal investigations division and managed with the help of Allah and praise on 17/7/1438 of identification of suspects and then they spotted in isolated locations and adjust them where they turned out (11) a person of Asian nationality between the ages (25-40) years accused of such incidents.”

He added: “found in possession (320 thousand reais) stolen, as well as goods valued (40 thousand reais) and heard confessed to allegedly, arrested after completion of investigation procedures and refer them to the BIP competence.