Toll-26 unrest in Venezuela


Venezuelan military killed died Tuesday in political demonstrations, raising the death toll during the protests against the Government of President Nicolas Maduro this month to 26.

Prosecutors said that Orlando Medina “23” was shot on a street in the Western State of Lara, during a protest by local media termed it shows lmadoro.

The official said the State of Merida, Gibraltar is hard to Luis Marquez (52 years old) died in the early hours of the morning after being shot Monday in a demonstration in favour of lmadoro.

The public prosecution office said on Tuesday that during more than three weeks of mayhem since the Venezuelan opposition protests began, 15 people died in the violence surrounding the protests, while 11 others were killed in looting during the night.

Politicians and activists spoke of the Venezuelan media of larger numbers of dead but not definite yet, the ruling Socialist Party accused his opponents of seeking a violent coup us complicity while the opposition says Maduro dictator suppresses peaceful protests.