Told by a Russian officer and denied by Moscow. Atlantic nuclear story to sink America


Retired Army officer claimed that his country’s nuclear missiles were planted deep in the Atlantic Ocean off the East coast of the United States to occur if detonated tsunamis (tsunami) to flood major American cities.

And relocation of “Newsweek” about the “British” enthroned, Colonel Viktor baranates’s remarks in an interview with the Russian newspaper Pravda kosmolskaia, responding to intensifying us military presence in the country next to Russia, where he said: “the Americans deployed their tanks and their planes and special forces along the border with Russia, and we quietly cultivate their coasts are covered by nuclear missiles.

He added: “I’ve been planting the nuclear missiles in the depths, and they’re in stasis, waiting for orders.”

The retired officer said that the rockets would produce about tsunamis tsunami that will drown and destroy major u.s. cities like New York and Miami.

The former military official said that “Russia had to figure out a way to effectively defend itself, at a time when reduced military expenditure compared with the United States over its military budget what we spend ten times.”

A spokesman for the Russian Government’s claims “baranates”, describing them as “alien,” he quoted British newspaper “daily mail” as saying that you should not take these reports seriously.