Today. The French are choosing their President and deciding fate of Europe “


After a tumultuous election campaign full of scandals and surprises the French voters will decide on Sunday whether central candidate EU Pro, or extreme right-wing candidate the Bloc’s hostile, anti-immigration, lead their country for the next five years.

Opinion polls suggest that the French will choose Emanuel shifty, former economy Minister 39-year-old, who wants to bridge the gap between right and left, and resist the tide against which saw British vote to withdraw from the European Union, and chose the Americans for Donald Trump as President of the United States.

But if there is an unexpected result Marin Le Pen won national front party candidate, the future of the European Union itself may be in real danger.

According to the sky “Excellence” shifty “, who wants economic liberalization and deepening integration with the European Union,” Le Pen “in the polls by about 23 to 26 percentage points.

Polls proved accurate in the first round of presidential elections last month, the market jumped in response to the increased offer “shifty” rival in a bitter debate on Wednesday.

In the election campaign have seen the fall of the leaderboard one after another have made “Le Pen”, that you want to close the borders and abandoning the euro currency and curbing immigration, the far right is closer to power than ever in Western Europe since World War II.

And even if proved accurate polls France elected smaller head older instead of electing the first woman for President, “shifty” itself does not expect a honeymoon.

It might be the reluctance of voters from voting, while 60 percent intending to vote for “shifty” they’d do that; to prevent the election of “Le Pen” to command the second largest economy in the euro zone, instead of being completely agree on the former banker who turned to politics.

She said the Foundation “aodoksa” for the polls in a note: “the expected victory. It won’t be a blank check to Emmanuel shifty. A significant majority would support it wholeheartedly, “Reuters quoted.