Here are some tips on taking advantage of searching on Google


Who among us is not used at least once a day to the search engine Google # months. However, some methods facilitate us this search wetgahlha more effective. So we offer here are a few tips that help to search Google efficiently and ensure you maximum benefit while searching for topics that you want:
Adjust search settings
Help you search Google engine settings to achieve greater use during the search, through which you can activate SafeSearch, which works to block inappropriate or pornographic images from Google’s search results.
You can also control the Outlook Instant Search, and select the number of results per page and tuned between 10-100 the result will be shown in the option “don’t show instant results.”
If you want to access to several articles about a particular subject, you can also activate a feature open results in a new browsing window to continue the search.
Select what you’re looking for accurately
Before starting the research process, prefers to define words that you will use to search carefully and fit it accurately target, through adequate and accurate descriptive words selected, taking into account the order of the words in the search box.
If you intend to search for a particular topic in General, you can then only the main keywords and get different results,
While access to specific information you must use words to indicate directly on topic and away from General Longboard.
Use an acceptable number of words
Google’s search engine allows you to search a maximum of up to 32 words per search, and exclude any additional words after 32 word directly.
Although most of the user’s searches are limited to a few words only, but your choice of very few words will result in inaccurate search results.
So be sure to use a reasonable number of words while searching with avoid punctuation and symbols only if these symbols have a clear signal, such as currency symbols or when used to convey meaning is like searching for language C + + so