The times: risks of carrying electronic devices by air


Background on the prohibition of the United States and Britain carry electronic devices on flights from Turkey and five Arab countries, the Times newspaper published some information about the dangers of these devices in weather. the newspaper pointed out that it has been banned on take all electronic devices that increase measured on 1.5 x 9.3 x 16 centimeters in aircraft. This prohibition covers open anything bigger than a smart phone. in the case of Britain will be affected by this ban all direct flights coming to the United Kingdom from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt and Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. ” If a terrorist managed to hijack a plane, you can use the microwave in the plane to divert computer battery to bomb and lethality of the laptop as a bomb, the paper suggested that “terrorist groups” such as “Somali” youth movement had managed to hide explosives inside a laptop battery, looked like bomb charged battery to fool surveillance equipment and airport authorities if requested from carrying it off In front of the security administrator to make sure it works, but why allow devices in wait, it was known that bombs the laptop must be processed by the terrorist through the device. And theoretically could provide temporary laptop bomb and put it on hold, but there is a greater chance of discovering that luggage wait usually scanned by sniffer dogs as the bomber will have control over the machine after processing except through guessing the time, which could make him less effective in case of flight delay. laptop can also be used as a bomb by putting the battery made from allithom in microwave oven to heat up and explode, and has a brotherConsider this State. Thus if that a terrorist hijacking a plane, he can use the microwave in the plane to divert computer battery into a bomb, although the number of batteries needed to effect a blast big enough at present, the United States and Britain only apply this ban, but there are talks with other European countries in this regard, some States might decide to follow suit.