Three workers died after a fire in Mecca furniture warehouse


Every home – Riad – rebounds: three workers died after a fire at a furniture warehouse Abingdon sacred capital, civil defense has received a report that a fire accident in a warehouse in Abingdon, the incident was a fire in the light map carpentry estimated dimensions b (15 x 25 m), and the incident was controlled and extinguished and resulted in the death of (3) workers were sleeping in a room built of Tin inside the second floor level carpentry, accessed via a small iron ladder, where trapped Flames and dense smoke of burnt material result high.

Said a spokesman for the General Administration of civil defence major capital of the Holy Naif Al-Sharif who explained that the workshop is built of brick and roofed with wallpapered with Tin and contains a collection of raw wood doors manufacturers and machines cut and some furniture items plus some chemicals (thinner _ and dyes), noting that the Department’s investigation team began identifying the causes of the incident in coordination with the concerned authorities.